Freedom: a Sunflower principle

This is a freely-licensed creative work called a standard. It sets the tone for how Sunflower software developers should license code for that code to be considered Free and Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS).

This document can change; just open a Pull Request on GitLab if you have that ability.

Use a license approved by the Free Software Foundation for software.

Sunflower software uses a license approved by the Free Software Foundation on GNU’s list. While we don’t fully approve of GNU or the FSF for reasons we’ll state later, we have to acknowledge the work they’ve done at creating great licenses for copyright abolitionists, such as by highly recommending their GPL and AGPL licenses for our software.

Use a free license for documentation and creative works, as well.

Use a license that meets the definition of a free creative work asdefined by their definition page. Creative Commons libre tier licenses are highly recommended. Because of their relative unpopularity in the libre culture world, Creative Commons licenses are preferred over GNU or BSD Documentation licenses.

Be proud of your libre license!

Your libre license is something to display to the world as a badge of honor. What better place for a software badge of honor than right on the homepage of your repository? Just something to be considered, not to be considered mandatory for Sunflower software at all.