Security: a Sunflower principle

This is a freely-licensed creative work called a standard. It sets the tone for how Sunflower software developers should build code that users can reasonably be private using.

This document can change; just open a Pull Request on GitLab if you have that ability.

This document is supposed to standardize websites and web apps. Standards for a private way of developing apps in your favorite framework could be coming soon.

Open source means no trackers.

The biggest thing we can do for our users privacy is provide our power users with the source code so they can check it out and ensure that we have nothing to hide.

Cookies are not for the Internet.

Use modern web standards like LocalStorage and IndexedDB instead,

with the assumption that you’re not storing anything too sensitive.

Use and support open standards.

Use and support open web standards like Web Monetization. Such things are the future!